Families deserve pristine, authentic products straight from nature. Seed to Seal is Young Living’s promise that you’ll get exactly that.

I began using Oils a little over 3 years ago and was introduced by a fellow foster mom. I was skeptical and spent hours researching asking friends in the medical field about their experiences.

I bought a few oils to start with and really enjoyed being able to have healthier cleaning sprays, mood lifters and overall making our house smell great. I’ve been an avid user ever since.

I recently became a distributor because I love being able to share oils with everyone and along with my Usborne Business I love being able to earn money to fund our projects with Family First – Ghana.

If you would like more information about Oils or to Order and support Family First- Ghana you can do so on my Young Living Website

* Disclaimer – Essential Oils are great for some preventative and minor ailments but are not to be substituted for medical care. If you or anyone you know who uses oils but needs to seek medical attention please do so.