How did you get into missions?

I started going on short term mission trips from the time I was 14 and even went on trips when I was not a very strong believer. One of the trips that impacted me the most was one in Dearborn Michigan which is a community built almost 100% by immigrants. The trip was focused solely on relationships between the church and local Muslim mosques and community groups.  It also gave me a deep love and passion for the muslim community that forced me to look in the mirror and deal with the islamaphobia that is rampantly taught and learned in our country.

When did you become a missionary?

I like to believe everyone is a missionary and that wherever you are you are representing the truth and grace of the gospel while deeply loving the people God has placed you with. But as a career I first became a missionary in 2013 after spending a few months in Uganda I prayed and saw God continue to work miracles in my life. In August of 2014 I became a overseas missionary with no return date in Uganda. A few months later February of 2015 I came to Ghana and a few weeks later i March of 2015 I moved to Kumasi, Ghana. I have lived here for almost 2 years and plan to continue living here until God either calls us to another country or provides us with the right stuff to be able to go to America and gain citizenship for Rhoda and Priscilla.

Do you run an orphanage?

no, I do not nor do i think other people should start them. The children you see in my pictures are either my kids Rhoda and Priscilla, their biological family or kiddos I work with through Family First – Ghana. Sub-Saharan Africa already has an outrageous amount of orphanages and many provide less than quality care. I run an organization that aims to keep children out of orphanages and to help empower families to keep their children. I love chatting about family preservation, orphanage volunteerism and its harm. Feel free to shoot me an email and pick my brain about it. meghan.liddy1@gmail.com

When did you become a mom?

In June of 2015 Rhoda and Priscilla legally became my daughters. Please visit the adoption tab on the blog for a little more information about Foster Parenting, Adoption and Foster Parentage in Ghana.

What is it like living in Africa?

Well I live in Ghana so I am not sure about most of Africa but I can give you a small glimpse on what its like living in Ghana. 🙂 Africa is a huge continent and when we reduce it down to one experience it silences the diversity, beauty and cultures that make up all 54 nations.

What’s it like living in Ghana?

Complex. Some days are like out of movie exciting, adventurous, hilarious, unexpected and some days i forget I live in a country that isn’t my culture. Each day is different and some days are extremely hard. There are a lot of ups and downs to living overseas. My experience has been wonderful. I love Ghana and it has given me my daughters, my ministry and a place to call home. The culture of Ghana is diverse within each tribe and breathtakingly beautiful. It can also be hard to communicate cross culturally even when people speak english.  Food is so different then most American food and sometimes the privileges we have in America are not so easy to have here and that can be frustrating. If you’d like to chat more about living overseas send me an email meghan.liddy1@gmail.com.

Whats it like being a missionary?

do you have the next 24 hours available for me to word vomit 😉

This question is also so complicated to answer. For me being a missionary has been eye opening in so many ways. It has broaden and radically changed my perspective while growing my faith in Christ. It has been a beautiful journey. At the same time there has been some of the lowest lows while serving overseas. I’ve experienced some pretty traumatic things and most of all death has taken a huge toll on my mental health but it also brought me a greater understanding into compassion fatigue and self care. I’ve been broken, healed and broken again sometimes in new areas and sometimes in the same areas. All has grown me and each sadness and dark day has reminded me that His Light overcomes and that he redeems all.

Are you ever scared because you are single and serving overseas?

if you mean am I scared I will never fall in love and get married.. only when I watch romantic comedies or see every high school friend I know get engaged. LOL but no i’m not actually scared of singleness in fact most days I love and appreciate this season and wouldn’t feel like less of a Daughter of God if he calls me to singleness.

now do i ever fear for my safety..

very very rarely. 🙂