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In December of 2016 Family First – Ghana was born. After living and working in Ghana Rosie Watts and I (Meghan Liddy )  co-founded Family First. Based on our experience and previous work in Ghana, we saw the impact stigma had made on families of children with special needs. Family First -Ghana partners with the local healthcare providers to empower vulnerable families of children with complex medical and developmental needs in Ghana. Family First provides otherwise unavailable support and resources through sponsorship, education, and prevention to keep families together. Currently we are working with 5 families and hope to raise enough money to grow the number of families we serve.
Details of our programs: 
1. Intervention when a family is first referred to our program, a social worker will determine what immediate needs should be met through financial sponsorship. We hope to  create a safe and loving environment for the family as they work through their designated classes. Sponsorship may include medical, education, housing, nutritional support until a family graduates from Family First – Ghana. 
 2. Foundation – We believe a family cannot thrive without a solid foundation of emotional support. Family First offers counseling and support groups. We hope to connect families all over Kumasi with similar circumstances to better support one another. 
3. Prevention  In order to prevent families from feeling desperate enough to relinquish their child to an orphanage we have created classes to help empower families so they can become independent. We offer business, finance management, literacy, parenting and skill training classes. 
4. Education –  The stigma of both developmental and medical special needs often isolates families in Ghana. We hope to eradicate that stigma by offering training, conferences, Q+A panels to local healthcare providers, schools and churches. By partnering with leaders in the community we dream to see a Kumasi that strives for inclusiveness in every part of life. 

In 2017 We hope to :

•Rent a small office/apartment to use as a facility for our families. $ 5000
•Provide jobs to a local project manager and social worker $3500
•Provide care from start to graduation for 10 Families in Total $14,500
•Provide Knee and Calf reconstruction surgery sponsorship for Stanley Anokye ( we work with his family ) $6000

•Total Cost/Fundraising Goal  : $28,000 or Approx.

We hope to raise at least half by May 2017. 

We cannot begin to thank you enough for encouraging us, donating and spreading the word about Family First – Ghana. Together we can care for and keep families of children with special needs thriving. 


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*Funds donated here will ONLY go towards Family First – Ghana Projects. *