While we are very vocal about adoption ethics and family preservation we keep most of Priscilla + Rhoda’s story private. Rhoda and Priscilla are currently in my custody under Foster parentage of the Childs Act of Ghana. Foster Parentage is in between temporary foster custody and a finalized adoption. Foster Parentage happens after custody is relinquished and placed into the hands of social welfare who ultimately places the child into a pre adoptive or kinship family placement. Our family hopes to have a finalized adoption soon after I turn 25 in 2018. 

A little FAQ’s about Foster parenting/adoption in Ghana. 

Could Rhoda and Priscilla be placed into a different family ? 

Foster Parentage gives me as their guardian all legal rights a finalized adoptive family or biological family has of their child. Foster Parentage is typically a in between for kinship care and for families who don’t meet all the requirements for a adoption but wish to remain in Ghana. Rhoda and Priscilla’s Custody is finale and cannot be overturned without a lawsuit or court hearing. 

Can you travel with foster parentage ? 

We currently have permission to travel to any country that would grant a visa. Many countries do not recognize foster parentage and require a finalized adoption for visas. 

Why did Rhoda and Priscilla end up in your custody? 

That is their story to tell. What I will say is that adoption and fostering begins with a loss and that remains true for my girls. From time to time with permission we update about Rhoda and Priscilla’s Biological family happenings when relevant but the terms of their journey to my custody is private and we intend to keep it that way until they so choose to share. 

I want to adopt, do you have any advice ? How can I adopt in Ghana? 

Adoption is complex and nuanced and the experience is different. Please email me and lets chat! I love talking with people about adoption and giving support and resources for adoptive and foster families. ❤ 

What is family preservation ? 

Family preservation was the movement to help keep children at home with their families rather than in foster homes or institutions. This movement was a reaction to the earlier policy of family breakup, which pulled children out of unfit homes. Extreme poverty alone was seen as a justified reason to remove children. I passionately believe poverty is not a good reason to remove a child from their family.I  hope through our organization Family First – Ghana to help empower families of children with special needs to keep families together. No parent should be faced with the circumstances not to be able to parent their child. 

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