About Me

Akwaaba! ( Welcome in Twi )

I’m Meghan, a 20 -something missionary living in Ghana, West Africa. Among being a millennial, I am a single parent to Rhoda and Priscilla. Along with my fur baby Douglas, we make up a wild family of 4. Jollof is the name, eating is our game.

I founded and run Family First – Ghana, a nonprofit working with families of children with special needs. We focus specifically on family-based care preventing children with special needs from ever entering an orphanage. I drink way too much coffee stay up way too late and I am convinced I would be best friends with Meredith Grey #twistedsistersunite. I love to cook, binge watch Netflix and Pinterest DIY projects I never intend to make.

My kryptonite is washing dishes, picking up clutter and folding laundry. My desktop screen and google drive are the most put together parts of my life.

I am a Christ follower and a  feminist who is unlearning white supremacy to better advocate and dismantle oppressive systems. I’m flawed and fall short but I remain redeemed by God’s Grace. I believe light OVERCOMES darkness. I hope this space challenges you, comforts you and makes you laugh as this day to day life in Ghana does for our family.




3 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Meghan – I read an article regarding individuals withdrawing their support of you for speaking out about Trump and his administration. I am not a support of President Trump or this administration. Are you sill in need of financial support in you mission work.

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