As you can see this blog is getting a facelift. For the past 5 years, it has served as space for me to write about missions, motherhood, and life overseas. However, if I can be frank for a second, I hate blogging. I feel this pressure to be a mommy blogger with the mix of our lives as a TRA family living in West Africa but truth be told everytime I sit down to blog I feel like a fraud.

So I’m going to be changing that.  In June Rhoda Priscilla will have been in my custody for 3 years and coming this October I will be turning 25. The legal age in which I can file for a court hearing for a finalized adoption. As you can see it will be a busy year this on top of expanding and serving with Family First – Ghana life unexpected is about to get even more unexpected.

This blog will no longer be a place where I speak except for family/adoption updates and friendly interviews with people across the globe. In order to better organize my life and keep work and personal a bit more separate everything Family First – Ghana related will be moved to our website ( coming soon).