Kicking Off Black History Month

In textbooks, usually, history-related books are chronological. If textbooks were written more accurately black history would be embedded in every unit. Instead once a year February is dedicated to those who despite facing deep levels of oppression overcame creating a better, kinder more progressive society. This month I will be highlighting some wonderful black friends who will contribute to my blog. They will include their thoughts, favorite historical figures, the influence of black culture and several other topics on my blog this month. I hope to continue this to a monthly contribution to not only help educate but to uplift POC and their talents/businesses.

For this blog post, I wanted to touch on my favorite and most influential black writer, Toni Morrison.

Toni Morrison’s writing dramatically influenced my love of reading. I could soak up her words every day. The book The Bluest Eye  was eye-opening to confronting my own racism and bias. It was introduced to me my senior year of high school in a modern lit class. Each day we were assigned 1-2 chapters to read and discuss in the next class. I picked it up and 10 hours later finished it cover to cover. I read it twice during the time we were assigend it. Pecola’s ( the main character) character resonted inside of me while also challenging me to see outside of myself and the things I had been taught about racism.  Her writing spoke to me in a whole new way. The way she wrote about such controversial topics Racism, White Supremacy, beauty standards, incest, molestation was earth shattering. I had never read a book that could deliver such a message while also telling such a compelling story. I was hooked immediately to her writing. A few months later I had completed every novel she had written. To this day The Bluest Eye has traveled with me to over 16 countries. I reread it often each time with a whole new appreciation. Her work introduced me to other authors. I know otherwise, I would have likely never been abe to experience authors such as Maya Angelou, Paule Marshall and Alice Walker. Since that day in modern lit class I’ve found myself drawn to more diverse authors thus enhancing my love of reading while also allowing me to dismantle idealogy that I have been taught along the way.

This week I hope to have two other contributors to talk about their favorite parts of black history and culture. If you would like to contribue please feel free to email me at




2 thoughts on “Kicking Off Black History Month

  1. I will most definitely have to get that book. Maya Angelou is MY FAVORITE. !! I love how you post about different people and not the same ones we hear often. Great. Keep it up. !! Followed you as well.


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