2017 the year of Facebook live

Dear Internet friends,

It’s me Meghan. the girl that shares all the political articles with a mix of prank videos and animals doing ridiculously cute things. Remember me. well its almost February and I am already exhausted. It could be from staying up till 3am twice this week or from the amount of crying I do watching sappy commercials Unlike most people I spent December sweating and more commonly experienced all sorts of weird illness like pinkeye (which I got again this week. sigh.) and a weird skin rash that ravaged my neck and hair line. Don’t ask questions you haven’t prepared your stomach for. am I, right? So yes, it took me almost an extra month to set goals and dreams for 2017 finally here we are. I recently and by recently I mean 12 hours ago learned how to use mail chimp and revamped my blog so I’m already feeling pretty accomplished this year.


Side note: I am sure if you check last year January there is a blog that states my goals for 2016 was a month late as well. Perhaps setting goals last week of January is my thing. My mantra, my safety net. Ah well I’ll own it.


2017 I plan to go outside my comfort zone more times as often as possible. I plan on engaging in uncomfortable conversations. I plan on letting people into my life/bubble via live video (because I either hate myself or plan to outgrow my insecurities at this point this choice feels more self-hate inflicted. so, If I die of a stroke from stress on live stream please write a witty obituary.)I am committed to blogging once a week and keeping up to date on newsletters. If you’d like to be informed on everything related to our family drop your email in the comments.  I plan on cooking more vegan and vegetarian to expand my taste buds AHEM I mean my children’s taste buds 😉 girl can’t live on jollof alone. I plan on being as involved and bold in contacting and shaping policy as much as possible from across the oceans. I plan on sitting in discomfort when called out and receive feedback without becoming defensive. I plan on reading my bible cover to cover and relearning history that was taught through a white lens. I plan on reading more diverse genres written by more diverse authors. bring it on sci-fi. I plan on dating or trying to waiting or just being open. YA, I SAID IT, I MIGHT GO ON A DATE. Come at me romance. I’ve spent too long closing off and refusing opportunities out of fear and awkwardness. I am embracing all the weirdness this year. ALL OF IT. NOT AN OUNCE UNWELCOMED.


As a parent, I plan on playing more and being more engaged in tea parties, I plan on trying to keep up with house stuff that is necessary and letting go of the little things. I will adventure into the tall grass and help pick off the ticks. I will leave work during working hours and dedicate weekends to being fun mom. And as a missionary I plan on pursuing God with every fiber in my soul in action, thought and word. To do that I will be soaking myself in honest, caring and a passionate community both online and in person.  I will walk by faith and fight alongside families to receive the best care and support.


But most of all I plan on setting boundaries. Safe, healthy emotional, physical boundaries. To say no when necessary to be consistent and to give myself grace for failure.

What about you plans goals aspirations for 2017.. I’d love to hear them maybe we can accomplish them together?!


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