One of Them

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This year I have had more tangible Ah-Ha moments in my walk with Jesus then I have in any other year. ( I guess thats the point of motherhood right..?) If I counted the amount of hours I’ve spent in a hospital, clinic, insurance office, pharmacy in the past two years on the mission field it probably adds up to at least 3 months. (Someone hire me as a tour guide.. and over here someones bleeding from their eye. #OPD) I know the ins+outs of kumasi hospitals and my phone contacts is a majority of nurses, doctors, residents and pharmacists. ( Sidenote: ALWAYS MAKE NICE TO NURSES, THEY RUN THE PLACE)

This morning at 6am Priscilla and I walked to the junction and hopped on a tro-tro to the hospital. ( Our amazing neighbor and favorite yam seller comes over in the morning until P and I return home. ❤ ) As per the usual.. we had several viles filled with Priscillas sputum for genetic testing. While we waited for the lab to open a mother wearing a mask mask carrying her son (maybe 3 years ) came over and sat with us. While if you know me I am the farthest thing from a morning person, I’ve slowly morphed into being able to fake it on most mornings. #motherhood.

We chatted and started talking about how hard the drugs are on the body, how hard it is to be a member of society when your disease is stigmatized. We talked and slowly I realized .. my idea of missions was shifting from ME helping them to Me being them.  This season has taught me a lot about learning to be served. I was the Mom of a sick child sitting waiting for answers and trying to figure how we as a family were going to navigate this season.

We  giggled as we shared spring rolls (judge my breakfast choices harder )  and talked about the countless hours we’ve spent navigating sick children and the amount of money it takes to raise children. #allthemoney  She laughed as I reminisced to the first weeks of being a mom. They were rough.

This season if nothing else has taught me to swallow my pride, ask for help, trust in Jesus and dig into community. This morning brought me a new and special friendship built on Jesus, and living a life we didn’t imagine.

God is working in huge ways and P is seriously a rockstar patient. I however am the worst nightmare of them all.

Exodus 33:14 “My presence will go with you, and I will give you rest.

We are currently trying to raise $$ to buy a car to use here in Kumasi while P seeks treatment and further for use in future ministry opportunities. IF you feel led to donate please click HERE


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