Mom Cries too much

Friday  I woke up after what was supposed to be restful night but ended up being a almost sleepless night. Thanks unstable electricity and extremely vocal neighbors..

I woke up in a much better mood than I thought I could manage. However I was weepy which I think is this week’s theme. Because as Rhoda would like state, I cried :

Walking to get a taxi

In the taxi

In the hospital

In the pharmacy

In the consultation room

In the bathroom

In the hospital room

At home

And finally today while cooking rice.. Don’t worry guys the rice was made with water not tears.

So to say I’m a crier is an understatement. God Bless the man that commits to supplying tissues for the rest of our lives.

I think it’s also important though to remember why I cried:

Our toilet/ plumbing pipes are leaking and every 4 hours I have to mop our bathroom floor unless I turn off our water, which is outside.

Rhoda woke up on Tuesday barely conscious and Priscilla was also too sick to walk to find a taxi. So I tied one on my front and one on my back and walked half a mile to find a taxi to the hospital. We sat in line at the hospital for 7 hours to be seen.

If we had a real emergency in a country with no reliable ambulances we wouldn’t make it. That reality became all too real. ( Thus we are going to start saving money and fundraising for a car! )

I have a child whose trauma is linked directly with hospitals.
Our medical expenses exceed our monthly income.

The last time we were at Asokwa Baby Justice fought and lost his life. The last time I left Asokwa I began the journey of medical need mothering in the thick of it.. while preparing Justice for burial.


Our taxi made an incredible horrific comment regarding my children.


After 48 hours we came home to a still broke toilet, rotten food ( because I didn’t shut the fridge all the way) and no electricity until 24 hours later.



I also cried because I am so incredibly loved and cared for by our community in Kumasi ( you know who you are! )

Asokwa children’s has some of my favorite nurses, doctors and staff who feel more like friends.

God continues to provide even the smallest needs.
A child who struggles to receive the words I love you not only received well this week but also reciprocated.
I am exhausted a feeling stress that comes very known to mothers worldwide who fight for their kids health while juggling how to move forward. I am also thankful for the prayers, love and kind words sent to us across the oceans. God has been gracious in each hard moment and has worked in many ways this week.


“Anxiety weighs down the heart, but a kind word cheers it up. “ Proverbs 12:25


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