Moving Forward


Proverbs 1:5

“Let the wise listen and add to their learning and let the discerning get guidance-”

In February I took a much-needed month off to do some major self-care. In a separate post I will link all the materials i used during my self-care month.  It was a much needed and well-used month. I learned how to cook local food and some very difficult Asian food recipes I’ve been eager to master.

In the last few weeks I’ve traveled and finalized a few personal things for the girls and myself in Ghana.

Now moving forward I am moving into a season of a lot of unknowns with a lot of excitement. When the Treasured Ones closed to say I was shocked and emotional was a bit of an understatement. I had a lot to work through and a lot to learn about ministry, failure and myself. My head was not hanging high as we moved into our new home. However it was exactly as God had planned. Each moment since we began closing taught me great new things about missions and long-term effective ministry.

In this new season I will be moving towards partnering with the Komfe Anokye Teaching Hospitals HIV and TB clinic and as well the PICU.

So.. What does this mean?

Listening: The clinic has been opened since 1983, while  the PICU has been open for a little over two years. Which is longer than I’ve been a resident in Ghana. So, I will be taking this season to listen to the voices that have been invested and working in these areas to hear what they feel are the biggest and most urgent needs a partnership/ministry could provide.

Learning: Previously I’ve only worked alongside ministries that have been long established and have learned tons by previous years in ministry from successes and failures. So I will be taking the next few months to hear feedback from ministries in Ghana, West Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa that work alongside HIV clinics and local hospitals to hear about financial planning, effective program planning and ways ministries have effectively served their communities in God honoring ways while reducing HIV transmission, increased public health and education within the clinic, provided support while also decreasing stigma.

This is the starting point of it all. I am so excited and passionate to see where God leads in the next coming months. Below are goals we’d like to accomplish this year as a family both in ministry and personally.

1. Fully Funded as a family. We are currently at about 60% and are hoping God to provide our financial needs fully within in the next year. For more information on partnership with our family please email me
2. Rhoda reading at grade level
3. Priscilla clear bill of health
4. Larger bed ( a double bed with Mama and two kids has run its course )
5. Purchasing a car for both personal and ministry needs. #TroTro no more. Currently we use 15 passenger or 5 passengers cars on specific routes which cause a huge time delay and frustration with two kids.
6. Finalizing passports and travel approval for the girl’s custody.



  1. Apply for NGO status + Non profit ( 501c3) stateside
  2. Develop long and impactful programs that holistically empowering the community and eradicating stigma and unfair treatment of those living with long term needs.
  3. dream big and learn from failure

We look forward to seeing how God moves, speaks and uses us in our new season of listening and learning. We will be taking it day by day and not biting off more than we can chew.

If you would like to join our family newsletter please leave your email below. I am hoping to become more consistent with blogging ( said every busy missionary ever ) but also realize on the list of things to do blogging is unfortunetly  not at the top.


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