Caught With My Pants Down

Rhoda had toothpaste in her ear and Priscilla was laughing so hard she peed a little only 1 minute after I finished putting on her clean clothes.

It caught me so off guard I looked like a moron standing there with a shirt I wore yesterday and my hair so tangled I am avoiding my hair brush like an ex boyfriend. (I’ve considered shaving it a few times this week take that tangles.)

“So how’s motherhood.” She asked

Uhhh.. Its uh fine I learn a lot. It is really good. It’s pretty hard too. Said my completely caught with my pants down self. (My pants were actually on though don’t worry.) I put P back in the bath and Rhoda found a towel to wipe her ear. I however couldn’t find better words.

So here I am trying to actually word how motherhood is..

I have two huge piles of laundry in my room clean and unfolded; there are hair products all over my bathroom. I have bean stew in my hair; I haven’t slept more than 4 hours in 3 months. My phone is filled with photos and videos of evidence of what motherhood has done to me.

Motherhood is pretty indescribable actually. I’m going to try my best though.

It’s the hardest thing I’ve ever been called to do. It’s the biggest sacrifice I’ve ever made. It’s the greatest act of worship I’ve ever experienced and it’s made me know God in a way I didn’t know was possible. I’ve never felt so inadequate and so covered in love at the same time. I’ve been wrapped in a whole new type of community of adoptive mothers; medical needs mothers, missionary mothers and mothers who love Jesus. Privileged doesn’t begin to describe motherhood.

So.. Uhhh yeah it’s fine, I learn a lot. It is really good. Motherhood is hard; but most of all though I’ve learned to EMBRACE because God is good. Being a Mom is awesome but being Rhoda and Priscilla’s mom is more like indescribably awesome topped with chocolate chips and whipped cream. (so ya from a missionaries perspective its more than awesome).


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