There are so many things I would like to say. So many words, questions, and opinions I have for today. So many thoughts I would like to share. Yesterday was one day and today is another day. Yesterday things were one way and today things are no longer the same. Things have changed, doors have been closed but my heart is still  open to so many different things and people. So all these words and questions I have may have to wait for another day. The story isn’t finished. Some of these words I’m not even sure I can find the perfect words to explain. So instead I won’t, I will remain speechless until those words can be found because seasons and moments like this deserve perfect words. There is something I can do though, today I can rejoice and hold onto God’s promises. There is purpose in all of this; he turns mess into messages, dreams into plans and cants’ into cans. He is the redeemer, provider and King of all Kings. He holds the whole world in his hands and if I’ve learned anything the world is a mighty big place.

Sometimes doors close, sometimes they are left a little open. Not necessarily for us to go through immediately sometimes he brings us through doors and then asks us to wait patiently until things are prepared exactly to his will. He wants what is best for us and when we try to open doors that aren’t ready to be opened it ends badly. We are trying to take the place of God in our life. So many times I have tried to pry open a door and didn’t take the time to admire the hallway season. New goal though: be patient, wait on God and admire the hallways. The more we rush the more we lose. The hallways seasons are so valuable looking back on a few of them I can distinctly remember lessons that have had great value in my life. The friends we make, the patience we learn and the way we can experience God in the hallway can be incredible. I’ve also heard some pretty great dance parties can happen in the halls. We won’t know though if we never spend an extended amount of time there.

SO, What does this mean for me: Meghan Liddy ?

Today I am stepping back to sit, breathe and take in the presence of God while he prepares the next door. I am determined to find contentment and praise him for this hallway even if it feels uncomfortable. I think so often I forget about the blessing of the hallway because I am so anxious to move onto what else God has and forget that the hallway is just as valuable as the door. He is making a way for the easy, the hard and the down right heartbreaking. Today I just need to breathe and rest in the hallway.

Acts 17:25

“Nor is he served by human hands, as though he needed anything, since he himself gives to all mankind life and breath and everything.”

Meghan Elizabeth


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