9 days …

In 9 days life is about to change forever. 

In 9 days I will be taking a few more planes to my new home…

Can you guess where this is gonna be, because i surely couldn’t have seen this coming!!


Woah, plot twist. You might not be shocked. I was.

in 9 days i will be greeted with a whole new life style, ministry and family.

in 9 days the bags will be back, flights will be leaving and I will be saying hello to West Africa.

I couldn’t be more excited and more terrified about whats heading my way.

God has asked me to step out in faith and pursue his heart.

Because of privacy and legal reasons I cannot quite share what is happening.

I am praying that you will cover myself and this situation in your prayers without knowing the details.

For now all i can share is that it is messy, complicated, hard but full of grace, redemption and love

isn’t most of life though?

There will be a lot of needs that will have to be met but I am sure our faithful savior has it all in his hands and in his timing.

I am praying in time God will open and close the necessary doors and i can share all about this season.

Would you consider praying as well for this? 

Here are the things i can share though that are pretty cool!

I will be

living in Kumasi, Ghana 

working as the Assistant Director of The Treasured Ones 

(a ministry dedicated to special needs children through education, foster care, medical sponsorship and community outreach) 

pursuing Jesus in every step of the way. 

God is so good and I am so excited for all the things to come in the next few months.

Peace,Love, Girl Scout out Uganda!



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