Busy in America, Busy in Uganda

Today is one of those days where sitting down to write a blog is a real struggle. To begin describing what my life looks like seems like a huge joke. There is no such thing as routine here except the beginning of my day and the end generally look the same. The amount of time I spend in my home each day is about 8 hours. 6 hours for sleeping, 2 hours spent cooking and putting my house back in order. Life can get a bit crazy.

My to-do list is about a mile long most days. I’ve learned though sometimes the distractions I have are the Lord telling me to slow down and be still. To trust God’s sovereignty and to wait upon his precious timing for everything I do. “ The plans of the heart belong to man, but the answer of the tongue is from the Lord.”

(Proverbs 16:1)

I had three jobs in America and many people thought I had gone mad. Working 90 hours a week. It is almost funny to think about working in America. Here I have about 5 part time jobs.

  • Chaplain at Makobore Boys High School
  • Children’s Ministry Coordinator at North Kigezi Diocese
  • Co-founder of Cherished Life Ministries Kebisoni- Rukungiri
  • Home Support and workshop volunteer for Chili Children (non-profit that works with children with physical disabilities)
  • Volunteer for Mosaic Vision (non- profit that works with orphans and widow in surrounding sub-counties and districts)

Each job is so fulfilling and I love doing anything possible in the community. God is so at work in Rukungiri. This weekend I spoke at a conference for high school students where worship was probably the coolest thing I have ever seen and the preachers were so full of the Holy Spirit. I was honored to speak about life skills and identity at the conference.

Sometimes it’s very hard to believe what my life was like just 2 months ago. The culture here is so different but it feels so much like home I can’t imagine that I’ve had both experiences. I wouldn’t trade either one but I love living somewhere in a place that I am so in love with.

For those of you who know about the ministry I am doing, we are currently trying to fundraise for a vehicle. It’s hard to find public transport to the places we need to reach and private is very expensive and stubborn about where they are willing to go. We as an organization are hoping to raise about $3500 for a truck to purchase in Kampala (Ugandan capital). If 100 people donate $35 we will be fully funded. You can donate at www.gofundme.com/cherishedlifeministriesug Please consider donating, if you have more questions about the work we are doing feel free to contact me personally.


Meghan Ainemukama


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