The return of the mzungu

*disclaimer: I don’t have a lot of time to edit my posts, please be patient if they have no grammar. 🙂
Friends, after 40 hours of straight traveling I am happy to say I have arrived in Rukungiri. To be here feels like a dream. Saying goodbye to these wonderful friends I attained in Rukungiri almost 17 months ago was quite impossible. To be able to say hello again and be welcomed with a warm ugandan hug and handshake is the happiest feeling in the world.
I am home. It feels as though I have never left. Everywhere I have gone in town I have been welcomed by people who still remembered my mzungu face. It is an incredible feeling to be back in a place that holds a huge part of my heart.

I am still recovering from the time difference in the states. I have not done much except sleep eat and wonder into town to visit old friends. Currently my home is being occupied by two other Australian missionaries who sadly leave at the end of the week. They are wonderful and have showed me the ropes to my house along with some tips. Then I will be living alone in a compound right by the diocese. Until either a family or other volunteers arrive. It is a very convienent location right by my office, Makobore high school and about one miles walk to the market with access to the diocese wifi and an Internet cafe within a 1/2 mile. I am surrounded by many of the diocese workers so will never truly be alone.

God has been so faithful in my travel, all of my luggage arrived with me with only one tube of toothpaste confiscated by the London TSA. What a blessing to have all 6 with everything intact arrive on time is not what I expected. Thank you for all the prayers and support as I make this transition.

Some Poopsicle moments
1) Realizing how incredibly pale I am compared to my friends. This was a problem in the US and will still continue to be a problem here it looks like.
2) you can hear the rats inside the house
3) I have lost all abilities to speak in proper English sentences

Popsicle moments:
1) walking to my house and having kids that I walked to school last year run into my arms and greet me with my name.
2) UGANDAN RAIN, holy moly I love it
3) having hot water inside of my house to use when I shower.
4) already built in mosquito nets
5) almost being hugged to death by primary school children and old friends

Meghan Elizabeth


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