There are 42 basic human emotions, 42 that can be distinctively determined on a humans face. Today I feel all of those. It is really hard to have two homes. Both that are equally incredible and equally hard to leave. Unfortunately one happens to be 7,615 miles away from the other. It’s hard to have best friends that will never meet, family that will never see each other face to face. In 19 days I am leaving one that I’ve grown up knowing for 20 years.  I am leaving for another I have barely known compared to my time on earth. A home I am so madly in love with that I can never stop bragging about. A home my savior has called me to for an indefinite time period to serve.

When I was 9 my dream job was to be a checkout person at Jewel Osco (I really like pushing buttons and people). Side note: Applied at Jewel probably 3 times and never got a call. How wonderful my life progressed beyond my 9 year old dreams. Blessed that his plans and will for my life is perfect and beyond anything I can imagine for myself.

I have 42 emotions hitting me like a ton of bricks. This calling is amazing, God given, and humbling. I am by no means equipped to do this. I am merely called by a gracious God who uses his people for good. 42 emotions and I constantly get asked the same 3 questions.

1)   What are you doing?

2)   Do you know when you are coming home again?

3)   Is Africa like a life thing for you?

Every time I get asked these questions a huge wave of emotions comes over me. They are not always the same emotions.

[We never got promised journeys with no turbulence. We never were told, “Well, you’ll always cry happy tears. And you’ll always feel like you belong. And you’ll always have the answers. The tears will be ugly. The outcast feelings will be real. You’ll never have the answers.”  The answers are never the point.”] –Hannah Brencher Below are the best ways I can answer such frequently asked questions.

1)   I am serving Jesus in Southwestern Uganda. Caring for the needs of families and children that live in extreme poverty. I work so families aren’t forced to separate because of poverty. I work so families can be together and come together to praise Jesus. I am working so that all people of all nations everywhere can know how much their life is cherished and that they feel loved.  Proverbs 22: 1 “ The rich and poor have this in common: The Lord made them both.”

2)   I have two homes so this question is not really what you are asking. You are asking when I will be back in America. Home is where my heart is and its always separated between the two. No I do not know. I won’t know till I am on plane back.

3) Africa is not a life thing. Jesus is. He has called me to Africa; I will serve him for eternity whether that means Africa, Asia, Antarctica, or America. As much as I have fallen in love with Uganda if the Lord calls me elsewhere I will leave to serve him as best I can. I would love to have Uganda be my permanent home if the Lord decides to bless me that way. His plan is more perfect than anything I could come up with for myself.  Acts 1: 8 “But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you, and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the end of the earth.””

There are 42 basic human emotions. These days I am experiencing 42,000. I am excited that in 19 days I get to move indefinitely to Rukungiri Uganda. However, everyday isn’t filled with the most positive emotions sometimes the reality of goodbyes are hard to digest, which is ok! Moving is hard whether down the street, across state or even across an ocean.  I couldn’t have ever seen this coming at the ripe ole age of 9. I am so excited sweet friends. I am excited to share all that I can with you! Join me on this wonderful adventure I call my life, on the days I prayed for lemons and got limes.


Meghan Elizabeth